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Bryan Villone is a stand up comedian born in New York City, raised in New Jersey. Shortly after birth, his parents moved him to NJ because they didn't want him to receive a subpar education from a New York City Public School. Currently, he has dropped out of college three times. On one hand, he's thrilled about missing out on the crippling debt aspect of college. On the other cold, calloused hand, the feeling of missing out on all those loose hoes is just as crippling as any financial burden. He often dreams about moving to a Caribbean island and selling jet ski rides to vacationers, but he's concerned about getting killed in a territory dispute. His backup dream is moving to an island and selling fruit out of a wooden cart while wearing a straw hat. If none of those pan out for him, he plans to cement himself as one of the greatest stand up comedians in human history. But he's cool with whatever.